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The Deirdre - Celtic Cottage Parlor

The Deirdre - Celtic Cottage Parlor

This traditional Cottage-style Irish Peat burner is lovingly hand-crafted in intricate detail. The Country Cottage burner adds to any room. and brings the feeling of home to your room. Just turn the light on in the evening to get the full effect of how quaint it is and feel the emotion of when you light up the peat incense. Burn either turf incense or your favourite incense in the authentic cooking copper pot that sits in the heart of the fire.

The Irish cottage in the 19th  century had one room in it.  It was a bedroom, a living room and a place where you ate your meals and kept warm by the open fire.  Later on in the early 20th century the style changed and there was a small room where you could just sit .  This cottage represents that room where you sat and had a quiet cup of tea, away from the nosie and busstle of a busy Irish family home.

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    Thank you for purchasing your handcrafted, unique and loved Irish Celtic Incense Cottage.  I truly hope it brings you joy every time you light your incense and brings you some very special memories.  This Celtic Incense Cottage comes with some incense and a beautiful little copper cooking pot that you place your incense in.  It can be an incense cone or a stick of incense. You will find some cone incense in the little packet that comes with your Celtic Cottage burner. When you light your incense, Light the tip of the cone and once lighting place in the little pot and place it on the straw mat.  Once you have placed the incense in the pot, the pot will become hot so please do not touch it while it is lighting.  Enjoy the aroma, the nostalgia and the little piece of Ireland in your home.  

    This burner has been packaged with utmost care, should any part come free during transit a dot of glue should sort it out for you.  These are handmade and individually designed so will sometimes deviate in a small way than the design on the page.

    Many Thanks

    Go Raibh mile math agat (Irish)  Thank you so much


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