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The Ursula - Front of Cottage

The Ursula - Front of Cottage

This traditional Cottage-style Irish Peat burner is lovingly hand-crafted in intricate detail. The Country Cottage burner adds to any room. and brings the feeling of home to your room.  Just turn the light on in the evening to get the full effect of how quaint it is and feel the emotion of when you light up the peat incense.  Burn either turf incense or your favourite incense in the authentic cooking copper pot that sits in the heart of the fire.

This cottage is complete with stone wall , and thatched roof  and a light to make you feel that you are home from home. 

The split cottage door is a famous aspect of the Irish cottage.  It helped to recycle air inside, keep the animals and children in OR out, and mostly it was a place for gossiping women standing on the inside looking out over the the half door while smoking their pipe having a bit of fun!!

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